At the core of the educational work of The Somatic Machine are its workshops, which offer an insight into the processes of our work and creation methodology. Additionally, there have been conferences, post-show talks and technical classes in design areas in several countries with people of different interests, abilities and backgrounds.

The content of the workshops is based on two methodologies developed by us over 20 years of work in research-creation processes. On the one hand, "The Visible - Invisible Creator", driven by the question: From where do we create, and where do we do it? At the centre of the experience is the holistic body exploring questions of territory (in its indivisible relationship between the construction of self-image (I am) and the image of a place (I belong)), of borders (What are the visible and invisible borders that regulate my radius of movement?) and the relationship between memory and identity (the “memory” that becomes a refuge to preserve “the place of origin” as an unmodifiable phenomenon in our life).

On the other hand, "Creation in Action", a space where the invention is in motion, a space-time to develop narratives from a practical methodology and interdisciplinary research. It is a method of creation where the personal, social, cultural and political perspective intersect. The “Creation in Action” methodology raises the dynamics; "It is written while walking", "it is built, while it is experienced". In it the way is writing; the space-time of the trip as the backbone of the creation process.

The workshops, taught by the directors of the company, are normally organized as activities involving the functions of our company's repertoire in different places. However, we also welcome proposals from schools, universities and organizers of workshops or residences, and the content could be accommodated according to the profile of the participants.

Workshops open to the public will be included on our home page and in our FB profile. To receive a notification of the programmed workshops or to reserve a workshop, please write us an email to