or the poetic mechanisms of meaning

Is the digital space an open or closed door for the performing body?

An audio-visual reflection by La Máquina Somática for the District Network of Public Libraries - BibloRed (Bogotá).

Within the framework of the Digital Humanities event series, La Máquina Somática proposed to create an experimental piece on the digital container; its possibilities as a performative territory different from the analogue, non-transferable (or not) to non-virtual reality. This experimentation is projected as a way of approaching, from the same creative experience, the methods and challenges that virtuality and the current times demand of us and that in turn, may provoke re-significations and transfigurations of the analogous “what-to-do” of scenic creation.

Concept, Composition and Production: Natalia Orozco, Javier Gutiérrez R. and Alexander R. Gümbel