8 Estaciones (8 seasons)

"The 8 Seasons" by Vivaldi and Piazzolla, is the conjunction of the vision of two composers who were inspired - each one in his time - in the planetary cycle of the seasons and what nature and human beings experience in the permanent renewal of the season that is leaving and the one that arrives. The group Filarmonía and La Máquina Somática propose to live a sensory experience through the mental images created by each of the classical senses beyond what a traditional concert proposes. Two orchestras -integrated by 40 musicians- accompanied by 6 dancers and a sophisticated video-narrative, create a journey from baroque to contemporary tango, as well as from classical dance to butoh dance, through tango and contemporary dance.

Live music: Grupo Filarmonía
Conductor: Fernando Parra
Soloists: Miguel Guevara y Camilo Guevara

Scenic concept: La Máquina Somática
Interpreted by: Jorge Bernal, Gina Medina, Iván Ovalle, Ángela Córdoba, Sandrine Legendre, Giovanni Satori.

Extended design: Alexander Gümbel
Directed by: Javier Gutiérrez R.