Bogotá is preparing to make the great launch of the Festival Dance in the City 2017, with an act in the Municipal Theatre Jorge Eliécer Gaitán in charge of La Máquina Somática.

The 2017 version of the X Festival Dance in the City 2017 will be held in Bogotá from November 1 to 13. More than 70 performances on 30 stages of the capital will bring dance lovers an extraordinary repertoire with the best of local, national and international dance. With the slogan "the festival is yours!", The Mayor’s office of Bogotá celebrates a continuous decade of "Bogotá in Movement".

The directors Javier Gutiérrez and Alexander Gümbel propose a fusion event between the different languages of the body in movement, live music, soundscapes and video installation that gives rise to a single architecture of dance in space, nourished by an extensive and diverse participation of companies and local artists. From a great explosion of Mexican folklore, that derives in flashes of Break Dance and transforms into lines and points of classic ballet; With more than 100 artists on stage chosen from different District Dance Awards, the launch seeks to show the great diversity of genres that will be presented at the Festival. The event gathers dancers of World Dance, Contemporary Dance, Street Dance, Salsa, Folklor, Performance, Break Dance, Ballet, Afro and Older Adult. One hour of non-stop movement.

Welcome! Let dance and music alter your senses.

Participating companies:

SOMOS MÉXICO – directed by Sebastián Ramírez Gaitán.
HOMBRE BÚHO – directed by Yencer Pinilla.
DINAMOV – directed by Ingrid Londoño Perez.
PETITE BALLET – directed by Alicia Cajiao.
ORKÉSEOS – directed by Raúl Ayala Mora.
SALSA BOGO & PASO LATINO – directed by Edgar Estrada Perez.
DANZA EXPERIMENTAL DE BOGOTÁ – directed by Ana Consuelo Gomez.
LA BESTIA – directed by Eduardo Oramas.
OVC CREW – directed by Juan Gabriel Mojica.
COMPAÑÍA DE DANZA TJEG – directed by Jorge Bernal.
WARABA – directed by Jairo Antonio Cuero.
COMPAÑÍA DE DANZAS QÜETZ – directed by Jhon Jairo Aponte.
Live music: Daniel Muñoz Barragan (piano), Alejandro Barragan (arpa), Astrid Carolina Arenas (voz), Aldo Zolev (contrabajo), Juan Manuel Torres (rapero), David Cantoni (percusión), Emmanuerl Acard (percusión), Marisol Cabrera (percusión), Ignacio Aury (percusión), John Mario Londoño (percusión), Felipe Meza (percusión).
Extended design: La Máquina Somática Concept and direction: Alexander Gümbel & Javier Gutiérrez R.