The Offering

Short Film
21’00’’ - Colour - Spanish.
The Offering follows the story of two soldiers, Maicol and Ramiro, who travel to a remote rural area of Colombia in search of the Flores family. Their apparent purpose is to deliver the message of a soldier fallen in combat. Although this seems a common goal, different reasons motivate them. While Ramiro, the military officer of the highest rank of the two, offers the official story to the mother, Maicol, a private, gives his version of the events to the young couple of the deceased. The men soon realize that the family does not want to have anything to do with them or with any information about their deceased son and their presence is challenged. Now they must find a way to understand the pain of Los Flores, one of the thousands of anonymous families who have survived the war in Colombia, and thus honor their dead comrade.
– Official Selection IndieBo 2015
– Official Selection Varsovia Film Festival 2015
– Special Festival Mention in Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival 2015
– Santa Lucía award for best script in Bogotá Short Film Festival – BOGOSHORTS 2015
– Featured Short at the 2018 Frankfurt Film Festival.

Cast: Carolina Torres, Edwin Maya, Nohora Ayala, Alberto Cardeño
Producer: Linithd Aparicio
Photography: Greg Slagle
Still Photography & Lighting: Alexander Gümbel
Art Director: Susana Botero
Editor: Greg Slagle
Sound: Germán León
Written and Directed by: Javier Gutiérrez R. and Greg Slagle