Migraré, migrarás, migrarán

… explores the phenomenon of contemporary migrations making use of a narrative structure in which dramatic "representation" continually fails. The piece reflects on the body of the woman in relation to the concepts of territory and border. Many times women (migrants, refugees, displaced persons, nomads) live in a condition of greater "vulnerability". On the road, the disoriented body does not know / knows its fragility and its strength. Hotspot refers, in particular, to stories of women traveling towards Europe. The inability of governments to come up with a concrete response to the current migration crisis has turned the Mediterranean Sea into a liquid cemetery.

The work takes place in the space of three territories and the borders that limit them. The first is the space of public discourse, of the audiovisual media, of the dissertation, of the presentation. The second is that of transit, of transformation, that of the physical border closest to the spectator. And the third territory constitutes the space of representation and dramatic narrative.

In the audible, the viewer experiences the piece with the use of headphones, which allows him to approach or move away from the territories, move through the different spaces and become disoriented ... Be disoriented! There is no travel, migration, transit that does not go through a phase of disorientation. Once established the simultaneity of our existence, we stand facing the events and ask ourselves: what is happening on several borders, while we are sitting here? Can we represent the pain, the suffering of others? And if this is possible, who gives us permission to do so? "

It is a "migrant" work, based on the Creation in Action methodology that gathers the experience of a roadtrip on some of the most active migratory routes towards Europe as field work during creation process. Through a multinarrative structure, the travel diary, the public discourse of the media, the journalistic chronicle, the medial narrative, the narrative forms of the Internet, as well as the rewritten and reinterpreted dramatic text are used as "tactics".

Created, Written & interpreted by: Sílvia Albert Sopale, Carolina Torres Tópaga y Teresa Urroz
Dramaturgy Cordination: Daniela Palmeri
Written and Directed by: Javier GutiérrezR.
AV and lighting design: Alexander Gümbel
Executive production: Edwin Maya
Playwright: La Máquina Somática y Projecte Vaca
Extended design: La Máquina Somática
Soundscape: La Máquina Somática y Blanali
Costume design: La Máquina Somática y Otelo
Sound engineer: Juan Carlos Amortegui
Production: La Máquina Somática (Colombia) y Projecte Vaca (España).

-Assistance to the Coproduction of Theater and Circus Shows, Iberescena 2015- 2016. (Spain-Colombia).
-Beca Dramaturgia Teatral, Ministry of Culture of Colombia 2016.
- November Vaca Festival. Premiere of the piece on November 23 and 26 2016 at the Center Civic Albareda of Barcelona, within the framework of the November Vaca Festival 2016.
-Coproduction for the premiere and tour in Colombia. Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo. Bogotá D.C. Premiere in Bogotá on May 18-19-20, 2017