or That what does not want to LIVE, must be killed.


Telling what a work is about, in addition to being an inane exercise, denotes the intention of guiding those who experience the piece in a particular reading direction, and on this occasion it is NOT in our target to do so. The piece is unrestricted and open for anyone who reads it. We have the freedom to create it, they – you, the readers - to orient it in the direction you can and desire. From this moment onwards this is out of the reach of our hands and interests.

We describe the new piece of La Máquina Somática, in the simplest manner, as an exercise in retro-composition. We looked for some dissimilar materials; in origin, form and time, to release their internal forces and to re-signify themselves today through the encounter, in a compositional way, with other, equally dissimilar material. Every piece is biographical and in our case autobiographical. ENEMIES, or That what does not want to LIVE, must be killed, has been built to a large extent with materials that were stored in the creative memory of La Máquina Somática, and that have been intervened, modified, sabotaged, in an exercise to remember and rediscover. Nevertheless, there are new materials in this work too, that without exception derive from the same place as the previous ones: the place curiosity to know something about the Human Experience leads us.

La Máquina Somática as a pan-disciplinary company, desires that the multiple elements that make up its scenic language express themselves in a specific way depending on the territory where they are developed; whether this is a ¨real¨ or ¨virtual¨ stage. In the case of ENEMIES, having been created for a virtual platform, it allows us for constituent components of the creative DNA of The Machine to be experienced with greater visibility, without forgetting that everything that constitutes our identity is always there, latent, waiting for its moment to show itself as another profile of the same face.

In memory of the very dear friend and colleague Inés Correa; a LADY ACTRESS.

A production of La Máquina Somática

Interpreted by:
18-year-old girl with catatonic schizophrenia / Dancer in the window / Ji falling - Laura Barceló
Voice of the psychologist - Natalia Helo
BDancers in the Building (in order of appearance) - Von Trapp Family / Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra y Bing Crosby / Fred Astaire y Rita Hayworth / Max y Pamela / Cyd Charisse / Doris Day / Patrick Swayze y Jennifer Grey / John Travolta y Uma Thurman / Ginger Rogers / Sophia Loren y Vittorio de Sica / Melanie Rohlfing, Gianmarco Rostetter / Yul Brynner and Deborah Kerr
Man in the Desert - Alexander Gümbel
Hand and voice in Off in the desert - Javier Gutiérrez
Ji and Yeon - Ji-Young Kim

Incidental music:
"La Stravaganza" - Concerto no.2 in E minor by Antonio Vivaldi performed by Rachel Podger & Arte dei Suonatori
“Intermezzo No. 1 en E-Menor” by Manuel Maria Ponce performed by Lang Lang
“dog” (original music) by Alexander Peterhänsel
“Love Theme” from the film Cousins ​​by Angelo Badalamenti

Sound Editing, Extended Design and Technical Production: La Máquina Somática

Directed by: Javier Gutiérrez R. and Alexander R.Gümbel