Cien Días II (One Hundred Days II)

You were wrong to say no.

Second part of the trilogy The Hundred Days. Written and directed by Javier Gutiérrez R. A co-production with the Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro de Bogotá, 2010.

The idea is based on the assumption: what would happen if the murder is eliminated from society? This, an issue inherent to the human being and which has been present since the beginning of our experience on earth. As a solution, and to maintain this perverse form of "natural equilibrium", it is necessary to execute a murder every one hundred days, for this, a lottery is made among families, and a victim and a perpetrator are chosen, but they are, the members of these families, who will elect their own delegates.

Marcela Valencia, Fernando García, Rosario Jaramillo, Inés Correa, Liliana Escobar, Julián Caicedo, Jacques Toukhmanian, Jimena Durán, Nelson Camayo
Art Direction: Laura Villegas and Alexander Gümbel
Art direction assistant: Luisa Fernanda Rodríguez
Costume creation: Rafael Arévalo
AV design and materialization: Alexander Gümbel
Production: Colectivo Inédita
Playwright and direction: Javier Gutiérrez