Chopin Sketch # 1

"Sketch Chopin" is composed of material found during the meeting of different creative methodologies with some works for piano by the Polish composer Frederick Chopin, (nocturnes, preludes, studies). It is called a sketch because this concept ideally describes an artistic inquiry that is characterized in its methodology; by the use of minimum logistical elements, inventing within a limited time and relying on the action of play-imagine-suggest, freeing the experience of creating from the weight of the paraphernalia of institutionalized production.

Concept and production: La Máquina Somática
Created and Interpreted by: Cuca Taburelli, Natalia Castro, Adriana Salazar and Jorge Bernal
AV design and materialization: Felipe Camacho
Video register of the performance: Mateo Rueda
Extended design: La Máquina Somática
Directed by: Javier Gutiérrez R.